Saturday, December 12, 2009

Vintage glass, silver ornaments and family photos adorn our mantel this Christmas.....

I filled this apothecary jar with vintage buttons, set it on top of a footer candle holder that I painted white and covered it with a cloche.

To give it more appeal, I embellished this candle with vintage bridal lace (handed down to me by my Grandmother) and beaded trim.

The mason jar (draped with a glass beaded necklace) boasts a photo of my parents, Anna & George (1956)

Both photos are of my older sister Dorothy and I. She lives in Florida and we all miss her very much....especially during the holidays.... Love you Dottie-Mae!

The photo on the left is of Dorothy and I dressed to the nines (crenalin slips and all) on Easter Sunday. The photo to the right is of Dorothy and our younger sister Susan while visiting with the Murphys.

I filled this large cloche with sea shells, sand dollars and sea glass. I then set it upon a silver butter dish and adorned the top with a silver heart ornament a friend gave us that commemorates our wedding anniversary.

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johncole1644 said...

Di,I love all those pictures of us always have always will,brings a tear to my eyes....But then again i love all pictures of us in them.
Love You Also
Dottie mae

johncole1644 said...

We sure were damn CUTE