Thursday, April 22, 2010

For my friend Gayle's bridal shower....

I offered to make the favors. "Cool" my husband said... "something to keep your mind occupied and away from contemplating another redecorate!" Which translates to... Whew... I don't have to help! :)

So off to JoAnn Fabrics for supplies: rubber stamp, ink, faux rose petals, paint, heart charms, swarovski craft crystals, wired ribbon, glitter! The glassine bags I bought on-line as I couldn't find them anywhere (if anyone knows a retailer, please let me know).

I first tried stamping the bags with ink but the ink bled a bit and and didn't stay wet enough for the glitter to adhere so I moved on to stamping with craft paint and bingo...glitter galore! I then glued three swarovski crystals to the bodice for extra bling.

I punched two holes into the front of the bag, threaded the pink wire ribbon through and tied it in a not. Next (after clipping off the jump rings) I glued on the double heart charms.

I stamped and glitter the faux rose petals - most with "Merci" and some with a crown.

I scalloped the edges of wedding tissue paper and then tucked in a 10" round of pink tulle along with a Merci stamped petal.

For a sweet treat, I dropped in a hand full of hershey kisses.

Seeing as though it's her favorite color....Gayle, I'm sure, will be "tickled pink"!

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A Cottage Muse said...

These came out sooo cute! You are a great friend!

Linda @ Painted Whyte said...

Those are so pretty... pretty in pink lol I love that you used glitter on the craft ink to make that awesome pink dress!! Pink, glitter, ribbon and crystals what more can you ask for? She will love them.

thesimpledaze said...

Diane those are breath taking.What a beautiful job you done.I am sure your friend Gayle is going to be sooo pleased with them.Great job.

Nice and Easy Antiques said...

How feminine and sweet...the ladies are going to love it!!! Great job!!

Ticking and Toile said...

Hi Diane,
wow are you ever talented? Those favors just look amazing! I could never come up with something so gorgeous! Thanks so much for coming by today...I love Lauren Ross's style & aren't those slipcovers just amazing? I love all her attention to detail.

Glad I found you, now I'm off to browse for ONE
minute so I can get to my list!! ha ha told you I'm completely ADD!! ;)


johncole1644 said...

Hi Di, Those are gorgeous. Bling on anything I love. Makes me want to get married again so you can do my favors.
O's & X's
From your younger sister....

Sandi said...

These are gorgeous!! Glad to have the info about rubber stamping. I JUST ordered some glassine bags to rubber stamp on. Will have to practice I guess.

Jackie said...

These are just lovely! I also shop at the Wrentham Country store...a great place.
Bliss Farm Antiques
Rehoboth, Ma