Saturday, May 15, 2010

A Potting Bench built just for me....

Well, not really but it sure felt that way when I spied this beauty within 10 minutes of arriving at the Brimfield Antique Show. It's crafted from salvaged wood, architectural pieces and a vintage sink...which pretty much had my heart pounding!
And when my heart pounds.....I know it's meant to be (right honey??)! So there I was writing the check with a shaking hand and a huge smile on my face - all the while picturing it in my potting shed.
I had so much fun decorating my new treasure from odds and ends I had stashed away in my basement. Made me glad I've been procrastinating on that yard sale I've been planning for oh...say three years.
A few lavender sachets to help freshen my shed that's been closed up all winter.

I need to fill the sink with something or things but not sure just yet. Any ideas....I'm open to suggestions?
Found a perfect spot for this little cutie that I forgot I had tucked away.

The cabinet looks free standing but it's actually securely mounted to the bench - the glass door is fashioned from an old transom window.
This vintage child's shoe form was also a Brimfield find. Speaking of which...stay tuned for future posts for more of my Brimfield goodies. I can hardly wait for their next show this July!

And if this bench sets your heart a flutter as sure to check out the Sage Farm Antiques website for other great finds!!

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johncole1644 said...

Di, That is sooo stinken cute.I Love it,I Love It,I Love it!!!! Can't wait to see it when i come up in September.
O's & X's
Dottie Mae

thesimpledaze said...

Girl, did you ever find a treasure.My heart was pounding just looking at all those adorable pictures.The sink might look kinda cute with a couple of old clay pots laying in it with a small birds nest with some little eggs.But you will figure it out what you have done so far looks great.Can't wait to see some more of your terrific finds.Thanks so much for sharing,I am sooo jealous lol.

Sandi said...

I love your potting bench Diane and it sure looks lovely in it's new home! Love all your goodies displayed on it also!!

A Cottage Muse said...

What a wonderful vignette you've created!! Can't wait to see what else you found!

Miss Gracie's House said...


Candylei said...

I would be excited too! What a neat find! You've displayed everything in a great way! Terrific.