Saturday, November 19, 2011

I need help identifying this fabric....

I "think" it's Rachel Ashwell and I'm pretty sure it's discontinued but I need to know the name of the pattern so I can do a search for it... Any ideas?

These are the pictures I took of the material from a stool I just bought but for a better look at the colors....please click on this link and view the pillow sham

Thanks in advance!!!


Anonymous said...

Why dont you send a mail to Rachel Ashwell? She might know more..?

Amy @MaisonDecor said...

Well the first thing to do to identify a fabric is to look at the selvage edge. That is the white border and it usually has little dots of colors that show all the colored dyes that were used for the fabric, and then it usually says the name of the fabric (like Waverly or Kaufman). I have some Rachel Ashwell fabric and I think she does print her name on the selvage but it is very light printing.

Amy @MaisonDecor said...

Oh well I see it is not yardage that you have, but a pillow sham or something made up. Sometimes you can unfold a finished edge to get a peek at the selvage. Thats how I found out my vintage curtains I used for my bookcase linings were by Mario Buatta.

Cindy said...

Could it be Laura Ashley?


Susan said...

It almost looks like Rachel's "Bella Blue Rose" fabric, but I may be wrong.

white life© said...

I think also, it's Laura Ashley. The fabric looks like "Convulvulus L610 Multi Rose".


Anonymous said...

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Ellie said...

Did you find any information on this fabric pattern? If not, contact the seller of the website that showed the pillow sham in this pattern. She just might be able to help.

You might try these sellers on ebay: Be sure to look at all of their offerings. Perhaps contact them even though they don't show this pattern because they may be familiar with its name






OR topic: twin quilts shabby chic

Good luck.

Anonymous said...

I belive it to be a Weaver pattern that was made in differnt colors. I had it shades light pink to a dark pink with a blue gray back ground.