Tuesday, July 20, 2010

By the Sea....

I took a few early morning moments (when the sunlight is best for capturing pictures) to take a few snap shots of some of my favorite "beach" items and vignettes throughout our home. The shutter in the above photo (which I fell in love with because of its color) has since been moved to my living room - why oh why didn't I buy them both when I had the chance?

I bought this adorable table at a charming little shop called Counting Sheep while we were out one day for a Sunday afternoon drive. See what I mean about the shutter.... looks great here as well.....if only I had its twin...

I know.... the white board needs something written on it - but.... I misplaced the dry marker and I refuse to write on it with anything permanent.

I bought the "Beach House" sign a while back from Cheryl's shop. Take the time to check out her blog (My Whimsical Victorian Chic Cottage ) .... you'll be glad you did!

This was once a simple straw wreath that I transformed by wrapping it in lace and gluing on buttons and sea shells.

This sailboat print is a new addition - it was the bead board background look that sold me.

This is one of my favorite candles, and again....when will I ever learn to buy more than one of something I love!?!?

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Brimfield Antique Show

Because we went on the last day of the show, we didn't come home with much - most of the items I wanted had the dreaded red sold tag taunting me in the face!! :)

We did of course, have a great time browsing and snapping pictures....

This potting bench was made by the same gentleman that made the bench I bought at Brimfield's May show (see my post of May 15 )

Love, love, love this seat that actually folds down when not in use. I'm on a quest to find one for my bench. Any leads would be SO appreciated!!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Turning a frown upside down....

I was vacationing on Cape Cod this weekend and on Sunday morning took a drive to a local gift shop only to find they didn't open for another two hours!! Full of disappointment, I put on my pouty face and headed back to my car.....
It was then I realized I had my camera with me so I took the opportunity to meander around the front porch of The Potted Geranium - snapping pictures and reclaiming my smile! :)