Monday, May 16, 2011

What I didn't buy at Brimfield....

I took home in pictures....

Yeah.... I did have buyers regret over a few of the items but I'm almost over it :)

Sunday, May 15, 2011

My Brimfield Buys....

I had been eyeballing this exact kitchen scale on Ebay for upwards of $40 so I was thrilled to come across one at Brimfield for $12.

And the white ruffles it's sitting on....... a square dancing skirt!

I knew I could use it to cover a table I have in my garden shed....

And oh YES...after some fresh laundering with OxiClean she's a perfect fit. I draped a scarf over the top to cover the opening of the skirt's waist.

This wash stand was my first purchase of the day. I'm using it as a bird bath/flower stand. I haven't as yet bought any flowers to adorn it but I inserted a serving bowl - placed a rock in the middle, filled it with water and within a few hours I had a couple of wrens make a visit.

When I spied this pediment, which is in two pieces, I was planning to use one of the pieces as a corbel under my kitchen counter - turns out it's too long.

That's okay though because I'm going to put it back together, paint it the color of our house and use it as a pediment over the front door.

My next post will be pictures of the things I didn't buy at Brimfield but liked enough to snap a picture or two.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

My Small Kitchen...

suddenly felt HUGE the moment I started painting!

I'm not complaining though because I love them already, even with just a coat of primer

I also plan to change the wall color and I'm leaning towards Natural Elements #1515 by Benjamin Moore (not sure if I should have done that prior to the cabinets but it's too late now!)

Monday, May 2, 2011

He said YES!

"He" being my husband.... and "YES" to painting our oak cabinets white!

I had already taken down the curtains and a few decorative items before I remembered to take the before photos....but yes, sad to say, it really is that ugly

So anyway, I'm thinking that once the cabinets are painted we're going to need new counter tops

And new counter stools for sure!

I like the retro look of my existing hardware so those may be a keeper

Though I'm definitely thinking stainless steel appliances...

It's a ton of work but I'm on a mission!