Sunday, June 27, 2010

A Floor Lamp Before and After....

Before.....floral shade and cream colored base

I first cut off the floral material - leaving the white lining intact

Next I tore some white muslin material into approximately 1" x 6" strips and tied three each onto each spine

To the bottom edge I hot glued some vintage trim that I purchased a few months ago. I was short by about a 1/2" but with the shade adjusted just so....the "bald spot" is hidden in the back!

I stamped a strip of muslin with some French script and hot glued it to the top of the shade

Lastly....I sprayed the lamp base a flat white and "voila"! my floor lamp is back in my good graces! :)


Karen P. said...

So happy to know you frequent my space...I remember you bought that sweet little cupboard! I'll be sure to let you ladies know if I decide to put that french wire laundry basket up for sale. It may be sooner than later, as I'm struggling to find a spot for it in my home that we're not tripping over. By the way, love your little lamp...very creative!

luisa said...

Hi Diane,I´from Argentina.What a beautiful blog you have , is all beautiful and adorable.Very inspiring your picture .Sorry,please for my english.Adios!!

Karen P. said...

Hi Diane!
Just wanted you to know (should you be interested) that I just put that french wire laundry basket in my space tonight at the WCS.
She looks lovely! Enjoy your evening...hope you're staying cool.

One Shabby Old House said...

I love that lamp. It turned out great. I have a green lamp just like it so maybe I will give it a try. Glad I found your blog

Irma Robles Haraughty said...

Hi Diane, I am a new blogger and was just blessed with coming across your blog.
You are one creative lady! You have created an amazing blog with so much EYE CANDY I found myself hitting the Older Posts button over and over because I couldn't seem to get enough of your talent. I am now a faithful follower and will be visiting often to see what marvelous things you are up to.

BTW I have 2 of these lamps in storage, I got them at a great deal ($5 can you believe it?)
I rewired them for next to nothing but I just did not know how to incorporate them in my home. You have given me a great idea, thank you!

Sandy~Romantique Inspirations~ said...

Hi Diane, This is my first time here, and I 'm so glad I found you out. It looks to be a blog I will enjoy because white is my all time favorite color. I'll be back to really browse through. You did a great job on the lampshade!

Have a Wonderful Day*