Thursday, November 12, 2009

For the love of the sea.....aqua and white

My front living room has seen some changes through the years. I originally decorated it to look like a tea room - flowery and fragile. It was then transformed into a garden room - earthy and rustic. It now reminds me of a seaside cottage. The sofa and love seat are the mainstays of the room and have worked well through the transformations with a little help by simply changing the throw pillows.
The wet bar was purchased at a favorite shop of mine ~The Purple Rose Northboro, MA~. It was the color (Heavenly Blue - Benjamin Moore #709) that drew my attention to the piece and that which prevented me from leaving the shop without it! Once home I redecorated my front living room to showcase my new purchase. I then promptly went to the paint store for a quart of 709 and painted the shutter hanging between the windows as well as the seat on the bistro chair.

My intention wasn't to keep the bird bath inside - many birds actually got quite a bit of use out of it for a number of seasons. I just decided after bringing it in for the Winter that it would be a nice addition to my room and it is. Not to worry, a new bird bath has been purchased and will go outside come Spring.

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