Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I've been wanting to start a blog for quite some time....

I'm not exactly sure who I'm expecting to read my blog - I mean besides my husband, mom and sisters. You know, my worst critics! But here I am and if nothing else I hope this blog motivates me to take more before & after pictures of some of my future projects.....which is something that I enjoy viewing on the many blogs that I follow.

These pictures are of some Fall decorating of my yard and shed.


johncole1644 said...

I am your best critic i tell every one about your house and send pic's. i have forwarded your blog to all my friends
Love from your favorite sister

Anonymous said...

I cannot believe what you have created!! You are an awesome talent.....what are you doing in an office and not the second coming of "Martha"....you ARE talented! Needless to say your "blog" is fabulous....great creation. Please don't waste your talent - spread it!

Frannie(Letizia's) Aunt Fran xoxoxo

Anonymous said...

Di - I couldn't figure out what to put for the profile.....now I know...my aunt's aol account is nortonbandb@comcast.net same for aol too.

Unbelievable work and beauty here.....just shared your blog with my friends and relatives!

Happy Holidays

Arleens favorite home said...

Diane, I have been to every blog you posted today!! It is lovely!, I guess it's because I love white!,

There is only one thing I disagree with you on....I don't like martinis , I like mojitos!