Saturday, November 28, 2009

The guest bathroom took a few re-dos....

But I've settled on a look that I'm happy with. You know, after the proverbial green, gold and rust Waverly decor, complete with wallpaper border, matching shower curtain, balloon valance, hand towels, soap dish...and the list goes on. I quickly moved on to a deep lavender and lime green decor. Sounds icky I know but you'd be surprised at the amount of accessories I was able to find that actually worked well with that color palette!

The current decor came about as a result of the mirrored shelf I came across while browsing at Pottery Barn. The original bathroom mirror was one of those home builder installed 4x5 foot mirrors complete with the usual six bulb strip light above it. Although I didn't capture a picture of it, a new light fixture has since been installed.

I bought two shower curtains from the Rachel Ashwell Simply Shabby Chic collection called "Capri Pants Stripe". One of course was used as intended for the shower and the other I cut and sewed to make a window valance. From some of the extra material I made a cover for the night light.

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